Wilderness North Event

The annual Wilderness North event was attended this year by Ron Dunne, a member of the Project Healing Waters program in Newfoundland.

Accessible only by float plane, the resort is located north of Thunder Bay. It is a beautiful and peaceful location in which to reconnect with nature.

The event is held every year and hosts veterans from both Canada and the USA. The week-long stay includes a full program of fly fishing activities such as fly tying, fly casting and rod building.

wilderness north – miminiska lodge
Wilderness North
Event attendees
Wilderness North
Miminiska Lodge

The group who attended this year were staying at Miminiska Lodge. The weather was hot! There was a mix of experienced and novice anglers, eager to learn and even more keen to catch some walleye.

Wilderness North
Newfoundland representative Ron Dunne with what looks suspiciously like a walleye….
Wilderness North
Now that’s some catch!

How magical to have some freshly caught fish cooked outdoors. The Miminiska Lake is definitely bountiful.

Wilderness North
Grub’s up!

Everyone enjoyed the fishing, the scenery, the guides and the wonderful hospitality. As these photos show, there were certainly some great catches!

For more information about Project Healing Waters at Wilderness North, please take a look at their website.