Thanks Royal Canadian Legion

Thanks Royal Canadian Legion
Royal Canadian Legion staff Bruce Poulin and Carolyn Gasser with National Co-Ordinator Andre Baril

Thanks Royal Canadian Legion.  It is not very much to say but the thank you is heartfelt. The Legion recently approved a grant donation to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada.

Lead Coordinator Andre Baril met the Canadian Legion Dominion Command earlier this year to ask for sponsorship. It is vital because Project Healing Waters Canada needs to buy fly fishing equipment for veterans.

The Royal Canadian Legion has since advised Andre of their decision. The Project is delighted to receive a grant for $14,000. The grant is going to be used to buy complete fly fishing kits. These kits are being provided, at a discount, by Springbrook Canada.  The company is a Canadian supplier to Temple Fork Outfitters.

All rods bear the Healing Waters logo. The rods are designed to catch all species from trout to salmon. The rods are a gift to each veteran.

It is not so much the gift of a free rod that matters.   The veterans, most of all, enjoy the peace fishing brings.  The casting and closeness to water is likely going to help the healing process.

Consequently, kits are therefore being distributed to those Program coordinators who have least equipment. Project Healing Waters Canada is sending 40 kits to Ontario. Approximately 20 kits are going to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, and 5 kits are being sent to British Columbia.

Again, thanks Royal Canadian Legion. The volunteer coordinators and veterans can’t wait to make use of the kits during the next few months.