May 16 Outing

May 16 was our first outing with our veterans. It was time for them to put theories learned in the gym into practice. It was also time for them to test the flies that they tied during the first 5 weeks of the program.

We gathered behind the Range Control office at 0730 and departed for our respective lakes in the Valcartier training area. The morning was not the best and the rainy weather was supposed to stay with us for the day. However, when we arrived at our destination, everything changed. The sun came out from behind the clouds and stayed with us for the rest of the day on the lakes. After our return, the weather changed back to rain and thunder escorted us back to our starting point. Here are some pictures taken during that memorable day.

Le 16 mai a été notre première sortie avec nos vétérans. Il était temps pour eux de mettre les théories apprises dans le gymnase en pratique. Il est également temps pour eux de tester les mouches qu’elles liées pendant les 5 premières semaines du programme.

Nous avons rassemblés derrière le Bureau de contrôle de portée à 7 h 30 et quitte pour nos lacs respectifs dans la zone d’entraînement de Valcartier. Nous avons divisé le groupe en 2, parce que nous avons deux lacs à poisson, Ortona et Hayes

Le matin n’était pas le meilleur, et la pluie était censé pour rester avec nous pendant la journée. Cependant, quand nous sommes arrivés à notre destination, tout a changé. Le soleil est sorti de derrière les nuages et est resté avec nous pour le reste de la journée sur les lacs. Après notre retour, le temps revient à la pluie et le tonnerre nous a escorté jusqu’à notre point de départ. Voici quelques photos prises au cours de cette journée mémorable.






Programme des Eaux Curatives

Programme des Eaux Curatives, Chapitre Quebec

This story is written in both English and French.

Aujourd’hui, les participants au programme des Eaux curatives ont passé un après-midi bien spécial. En présence de leurs accompagnateurs et instructeurs, ils ont été réunis pour une première leçon de fabrication de mouches. L’Adjudant-chef M. Dessureault (ret), vice-président de la Fondation Général Vanier a été invité à présenter officiellement les trousses de montage aux participants. La contribution de la Fondation Général Vanier, de l’Association du Royal 22e Régiment, permettra à chacun de faire ses propres montages de mouches et ainsi de conserver la trousse à la fin du programme. Grâce aux dons provenant de divers organismes, ainsi que de gens talentueux et volontaires pour enseigner la technique, le programme pourra encore cette année, poursuivre son objectif. À tous les participants nos veux de réussite vous accompagnent tout au long de cette expérience.

Programme des Eaux curatives
Programme des Eaux curatives/ Project Healing Waters presentation

Program Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada, Québec Chapter

Today, our participants from the Quebec section of Project Healing Waters passed a very special afternoon. In the presence of their leaders and instructors, they were reunited for their first lesson in tying flies. Chief Warrant Officer Dessureault (Retd), Vice President of the General Vanier Foundation, was invited to formally present the fly tying kits to the participants. The contribution from the General Vanier foundation, from the Association of the Royal 22nd Regiment, will allow everyone to create and tie their own flies and keep their kit at the end of the program. Thanks to the donations from various organizations and also from the talented volunteers who teach the techniques, the program will again this year pursue its goal.

To all our participants may success accompany you throughout this experience.

Coordinator Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is where Dwayne Miller – or ‘Salmon Chaser’ as he is known – was born and raised. Dwayne fishes the Morell River, the West River and sometimes the Margaree River in Cape Breton.

A strong supporter of the environment that the Atlantic Salmon inhabit on Prince Edward Island,  Dwayne is also active in many aspects of fishing. Consequently, you will travel many miles before you find another fly fisher who is as experienced. He started fishing at the age of five years-old and discovered Atlantic Salmon in 1988, an addiction he continues to feed.

In his own words, Dwayne tells us a bit about himself and his love of fishing:

“I am a happily married father of two. My kids, I am happy to report, have a great interest in fly fishing and fly tying. I started a fly tying and guiding business in 1996 that is an adjunct to my main career as a commercial lobsterman.  An outspoken individual when it comes to conservation of species, particularly Salar, I have been one hundred percent ‘catch and release’ for almost twenty years.

Atlantic Salmon federation recognition

I am very proud to say that I have never killed an Atlantic salmon. Recently my business received recognition from the Atlantic Salmon Federation who gave me a ‘Commitment to live Release’ certificate.

My friend (and mentor) Scott Mitchell started me off one winter tying a few flies for the upcoming Spring season. I hooked and landed my first salmon on a fly I tied myself. I’ll never forget Scotty for the path he started me on!!!

I follow the creed of the salmon tyer in that I like a durable fly and a little fuller profile. The mantra that your hook should rust before the fly comes apart is one I like. I believe my flies bring quality and soul to the sport.

My flies and my style of tying are the result of hundreds of days on the water, figuring out what seems to work and what is just hype. Furthermore, while I can say that a neat head is a must (for durability), head size is just a selling point, nothing more. Some tyers that have made a mark on my style are Poul Jorgenson and Warren Duncan.

Published works : being included in Don Maclean’s book ‘A Little Thing I Tied Myself”.

Signature Line : ‘Your conduct on a salmon river speaks volumes as to who you are as a person'”.

prince edward island coordinator

Dwayne volunteered to help when an individual soldier contacted Project Healing Waters Canada. He asked if we could place him in a program.  A few short months later when the Charlottetown Fly Tyers began their Winter meetings, Dwayne took our veteran friend along. As a result, Dwayne is now our Coordinator on Prince Edward Island.