Nova Scotia Coordinator

Nova Scotia now has a new Coordinator!

Medric Cousineau (known as ‘Cous’) originally came to Project Healing Waters Canada as a participant.

‘Cous’ graduated from the Royal Military College (RMC). However his career as a naval aviator was cut short by injuries sustained doing Search & Rescue. He was awarded the Star of Courage during this time.

PTSD Survivor
Nova Scotia
Medric and his dog Thai

As a result of his rescue work, Cous understands what it is like to be a survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

His award winning work with Service Dogs and Paws Fur Thought is documented in his book, ‘Further Than Yesterday: That’s All That Counts’. Cous made his experiences public in order to shine the light on the issues veterans face and to help others.

Cous credits Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada and his fishing buddies for helping him find his “happy place”. He likes nothing more than being on the rivers and streams, and at the tying vise.

Consequently, from key fob brookies to trophy fish, Cous is happiest on the water. He is now getting to share his passion and obsession with others.

Nova Scotia

He loves teaching children Tenkara fishing. Tenkara is the Japanese method of fly-fishing, which uses only a rod, line and fly.

As Nova Scotia Provincial Coordinator, Cous most of all hopes to help others “Heal on the Fly”.

New Program Coordinators

New Program Coordinators are always a ‘good news’ story here at Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada. So it’s therefore exciting for us to announce that four new volunteers have joined us in the past couple of months.

new program coordinators
Dave Mountain, New Program Coordinators
Dave Mountain, British Columbia
Tom Adamchick, New Program Coordinators
Tom Adamchick, Petawawa, Ontario
Ed Goguen New Program Coordinators
Ed Goguen, Nova Scotia

Their contact details are available on our website here.

A very warm welcome is extended to all. Thank you for offering your help.

More volunteers means  more opportunities to help our veterans participate in fly fishing and fly tying activities throughout Canada.

If anyone is still thinking about helping, please consider having an informal chat with a member of the Project Healing Waters Canada staff. We are able to advise about what we do. Furthermore, we can tell you where  and how you can help.

We look forward to meeting and seeing Dave, Tom, Terrence and Ed on outings in the coming months.