Kedgwick Lodge Outing

kedgwick lodge outing as told by gervais jeffrey

Our Kedgwick Lodge Outing began around 10.00 am on the morning of June 7, 2017. Gino Savard and myself, Gervais Jeffrey, are hitting the road. Our destination is the world-renowned Kedgwick Lodge, established in 1886. The Lodge is on the shore of the famous Restigouche River, located in New Brunswick. It is also the home of world class Atlantic salmon fishing.

canadian veterans

Project Healing Waters Canada members have been invited on a Kedgwick Lodge outing for a weekend of fishing. Six Canadian veterans are taking part in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, fishing in the privately-owned pools on the Restigouche River.

Kedgwick Lodge Outing

Soon after our arrival at the Lodge, Gino and I are directed by the staff to our room. We are told that we will be having a quick lunch around 16:30 pm, just before our evening fishing session.  So we take our time to get our fly-fishing equipment ready before meeting the other participants.

At lunch time we are welcomed by Danny Bird, the Lodge Manager, who tells us the history of the Lodge. Danny also gives us the details of the weekend to come. We are told that we will be fishing from a canoe and with two Micmac guides.

micmac fishing guides

Since the beginning, it has been a tradition that the guides have to be from the Micmac community, and that there are two guides per canoe. So Gino and I are to be guided by Tony and Tommy for the entire weekend. Both of them are seasoned guides and have been employed by the lodge for many years.

Kedgwick Lodge Outing

I can tell you they know the river inside out; when we move from one pool to another, they have no hesitation about the direction and the way to get to the new location. Their advice is essential in order for us to have a chance to fight the mighty Atlantic salmon. If Tony tells you to use this fly, you’d better listen to him otherwise you won’t catch anything!

excellent fishing weather with great results!

We have excellent fishing conditions, plenty of bright silver fresh fish in all the pools, and everyone has a chance to connect with one of these beasts during this fabulous weekend.

Kedgwick Lodge Outing
Gervais, Roby, Wayne, Charles, Andrew and Gino

Danny Bird, Lode Manager, says:

“Our first party of the 2017 season is remarkable. Great memories have been made today for 6 former members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Through Project Healing Waters Canada and Veterans Connecting With Atlantic Salmon, our special guests released a total of 10 big fresh fish (plus a few that were lost). They caught some nice trout, enjoyed perhaps some of the best salmon fishing in North America and some stress-free time in ‘Paradise'”.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Goodyear, the main owner of the Kedgwick Lodge, for inviting us and hosting us for this weekend. I don’t want to forget Andrew, who put this adventure together, and his father, Danny, who made sure that we were at home at the lodge.

To all the lodge staff and guides – thank you very much.

New Coordinator BC

Coordinator BC

new project healing waters canada coordinator bc


We’re delighted to announce that Don Smith is our new Project Healing Waters Canada Coordinator in British Columbia (BC).

Don is a former engineering officer who retired from the Royal Canadian Navy after a thirty-five year career.

Don was raised in Ottawa, Ontario where he learned to fish at the family cottage near Perth.  After graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), Don took up fly fishing during a posting to Halifax.

As he and his family moved across Canada and the United States, fly fishing and fly tying became passions that grew and remain strong to this day.

Don benefited greatly from some excellent mentors. As Coordinator BC,  he hopes to pass on what he knows to the veterans who are novices to fishing.

Proud to have served in the Navy, Don is happy no longer being in an office with four walls. He much prefers the rivers and beaches of Vancouver Island. He lives with his wife, Lynn, (another fisher who is rather more patient than he) in Victoria, BC.

Please join us in giving Don a warm welcome to our Project.

Marc and his Fishing Rod

This post is in both English and French.

Marc and his fishing rod
Marc and his fishing rod

Canne à pêche de Marc

Cet après-midi, une petite visite arrive à la maison. Un bonhomme de la région d’Ottawa. Marc Lamontagne est venu me rendre une visite. Il faut dire qu’il avait une excellente raison de venir à la maison. Marc est un membre des FC qui souffrent du syndrome post traumatique, en 2012, je rencontrais Marc pour la première fois dans une aventure de pêche à Thunder-Bay On. Marc et moi participions au projet Healing in Albany. Nous étions les invités de la compagnie Wilderness North et ce en compagnie de militaires américains et autres canadiens. Ce fut une excellente semaine de pêche que nous avons eu.

Marc and his fishing rod

Pour faire une histoire courte, Marc a reçu un beau cadeau de la part d’un des participants américain. Une belle canne à mouche de façon personnel eh oui comme on dit custom. Une canne de 9pi 4 sections soie #5. Harold Durham est un vétéran de la guerre du Viêt-Nam qui a fabriqué cette petite beauté. Les bandes de couleurs qu’on voit, représente les médailles que Marc a reçu durant son service militaire. LA rouge et blanche, médaille de service, rouge blanche et noir au centre, Médaille service spécial, La rouge blanc et vert, Étoile de campagne Afghanistan et la dernière beige, rouge, noir et blanc, Médaille du Sud Ouest Asiatique. Remarqué aussi les poissons qui sont aussi tissés dans le fils de montage. Il s’agit d’une canne à pêche très beau et spécial!

group, wilderness resort
Group at Wilderness Resort

Une excellente façon de vous dire merci pour le service de Marc dans son pays.

Marc and the Fishing Rod

Well I thought that I would be having a quiet afternoon at home. No, an old friend of mine showed up from Ottawa for a visit. Marc Lamontagne is a Canadian veteran who has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I met Marc two years ago when I was invited to participate in an adventure with Wilderness North Resort in Thunder Bay, ON. Marc and I, along with other Canadian and American veterans were hosted by this resort for a week – talk about the excellent fishing time and camaraderie we had!

To make a long story short, Marc’s visit was to finally receive a gift that I had got for him from Texas. Yes, from Texas. Marc got it from Harold Durham, who is a Vietnam veteran, and he made a customized fishing rod especially for Marc. He sent it to me so I can present it to Marc on his behalf.

Marc finally came to receive this little beauty. It is a 5w 9ft 4 pieces rod.

Marc, his fishing rod
Marc’s fishing rod
Marc's fishing rod
Maker’s Name – Harold Durham
Harold Durham
Harold Durham – with a great catch

The ribbons that you see represent the medals Marc received during his military career. The red and white is the Long Service medal.

Marc's fishing rod
Red and White – Long Service Medal

The red, white and black is the Special Service medal.

Marc and his fishing rod
Red, White and Black – Special Service Medal

The red, white and green is the Campaign Star for Afghanistan.

Marc's fishing rod
Red, White and Green – Campaign Star for Afghanistan

The beige, red, black and white is for South West Asia.

Notice also the fish that are inlaid with the thread.

Marc's fishing rod
Beige, Red, Black and White – South West Asia Medal

This is a very handsome and special fishing rod indeed!

Marc and his fishing rod
Marc’s Complete Fishing Rod and Ribbons

A great way to say thank you for Marc’s service to his country.