Ray Fairweather, Vice President

Ray Fairweather was born in Saint John, New Brunswick a very long time ago. (Sorry Ray – had to do it…)

His love for fishing started at the age of 6 when he lived near Waterford. He sought out little brookies on small waters – finally picking up fly fishing about age 9.

Image of Brookie, courtesy Wikimedia

His grandfather, for whom he was named, let him tag along with him. He was allowed to dapple a fly on a bamboo pole for even smaller brookies. From there, he graduated to carrying his grandfather’s lunch pail while he went Atlantic Salmon fishing. He’s been fly fishing ever since.

ray joins the armed forces

Ray joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1982, a shaved tail at 20 years old. He was a Radop 211 for much of his career and retired as CMTC SIG SGT in 2006. Postings included Kingston, Germany, Gagetown and Wainwright. He served with 1CSR, Lahr, Comm Sqn, CTC Sig Tp, 2 RCR, MTSC, 742 COMM Det, CMTC.

Ray got involved with Project Healing Waters Canada because of his strong belief that he needed to give something back to the Canadian Armed Forces and those that serve.

“It is my duty to share Fly Fishing, casting, fly tying and the whole experience with participants in Project Healing Waters Canada” says Ray.

“I envision PHWFFC as a universally available resource for serving and retired Canadian Forces members, one that is respected, relevant, and in demand.”


Welcome to the Project Healing Waters Flyfishing Canada blog.  We’re hard at work getting things together for a few outings with the Canadian Forces, and we’ll be sure to talk all about that here.

Our first Northern Alberta fundraiser will take some time in the spring, and we’ll be working with the Northern Lights Fly Tyers – Trout Unlimited Edmonton (http://www.nlft.org) organizing that soon.

As we’re still waiting for the paint to dry around here, we’ve got a lot to say – but nothing is written down!  Kerry and I (your humble host Scratch) will do our best to get things documented, because the work we facilitate takes care of the Soldiers that serve YOUR country.  We hope to count on your support, and look forward to some great programs, heart-filled stories, and some real positive change for the men and women that wear our flag.

Cheers –

Greg Scratchley