Meet Jack Simpson, Director BC

Jack Simpson currently calls Williams Lake, BC home and his base of operations. A veteran of both Canadian and U.S forces Jack is a natural fit for Project Healing Waters Canada. His military career included a ten year stint from 1960-1970 as a naval aviator and close air support combat pilot, and he retired from government service in 2008.

Married for 35 years to Grace, and with two adult children, Jack is now the Director of Fly Fishing and fly rod designer for a Canadian manufacturer of fishing & outdoor equipment.

His one line bio? “Obsessed fly fisher, tyer and rod builder for a quarter century.”

Jack looks after our primary concerns throughout BC.

Meet Kevin Regnier, Director NB

Kevin Joined the Canadian Forces in 1981 with the Armoured Corp. He’s been posted to Calgary AB, Suffield AB, Petawawa Ont, Gagetown NB, and done several overseas tours. He retired in 2002 and spent 7 years with the Air Reserve in Gagetown. Presently he is employed as a Civilian Contractor at Gagetown, NB.

Kevin started fishing in Ontario at the age of 2 and never lost the passion. He started fly fishing in 1983 in Fredericton NB. After participating in a fly fishing and fly tying course for 10 weeks Kevin knew he was hooked. Not tied to any single discipline, Kevin still fishes all methods depending on the time and species he’s targeting at any given time.

He’s had the opportunity to fish all across Canada from fresh water to salt water.

These days, Kevin spends as much time on the water as he can. “To me very relaxing and therapeutic…”

We’re glad to have Kevin aboard, and making sure that we can offer services in Gagetown and around New Brunswick.