Our Vision


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada seeks to bring a high-quality fly fishing and fly tying program to Veteran members of the Canadian Military Services. These veterans are clearly in need of rehabilitation and healing as a result of their service. Our Programs are available as well to First Responder personnel across the Canadian Police and Health Care systems.

We focus our resources wherever the need is greatest and expand our partner base where we can.

vision to be canadian leader

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada aims to become recognized across the country as an important leader in the field of therapeutic outdoor recreation for Veterans through its successful application of the sport of fly fishing as a rehabilitation tool.

Our goal is to succeed in attracting multiple sources of funding that can enable Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada to become financially secure. Furthermore, successfully raising funds would allow our Program to develop our infrastructure to support present and future needs.

Our Project is dependent on dedicated and skilled Volunteers so our goals always include seeking and nurturing new Coordinators and Supporters. As our Project grows its regional programs, our operations and organizational model will adapt and new management tactics will be developed.

We also aim to continue our mission goals relating to accountability in order to remain transparent to those we serve and who support us.

The primary focus of our Vision is always the individual Veteran, Service Member or First Responder to whom we owe so much for their service to Canada.

We strive to be recognized as a leader in Canada of healing and rehabilitation activities for veterans and others in need.