‘Not Yet Begun To Fight’

not yet begun to fight
picture courtesy of ‘Not Yet Begun To Fight’ website

‘Not Yet Begun To Fight’ is the name of a multi-award winning short documentary. Created and filmed by Shasta Grenier and Sabrina Lee, it focuses on five wounded Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans who are troubled by their war experiences. Healing is provided in the form of fly fishing.

Inspiration for ‘Not Yet Begun To Fight’ was taken from a small non-profit group in Montana, USA, led by a man named Eric Hastings. His approach and the group’s aspirations are similar to that of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada.

Director Shasta Grenier has previously written episodes for the television show ‘Expedition Wild’. Director/producer Sabrina Lee has directed two other documentaries called ‘Where You From’ and the Taiwanese award-winning ‘7 Days in Heaven’.

Rated 8.6 by viewers on IMDB.com, the film was released in October 2013. The documentary was well-received. Leonard Maltin, the well-known and respected American film critic said:

“This beautifully realized film is humbling, insightful and inspiring in the deepest sense of that word” (Indiewire).

The late, great Roger Ebert was a supporter of the film. Unfortunately, he died before it was shown at Ebertfest. His wife, Chaz Ebert, recounts here that despite his passing, he had been so convinced of its merits that she and the festival organizers ensured it would still be shown. Chaz explains that Roger believed it showed ‘triumph over adversity’. Of course, Roger himself understood what that meant due to his own struggles.

Apart from an official website, the film also has its own Facebook page. The link for that is: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Not-Yet-Begun-To-Fight/338636112816301.

While this film is about the experience of American military veterans, it also has resonance for many Canadian military members who are going through a similar experience.

This post used an article from ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ as reference: you can find that article at this link: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movie/not-begun-fight/review/650335.