Newfoundland News

Newfoundland has an active and lively Project Healing Waters Canada program. It has been operating since 2011. Currently, the Director of the Program is Ryan Edwards, a veteran himself.

Ryan Edwards, Newfoundland

For those of you new to our website or indeed, looking to know more about Newfoundland’s program, here are some brief facts:

  • The program started with four members and now there are eleven –  no doubt more to come!
  • The group has gone on two Atlantic Salmon trips and many small trout trips.
  • It is the only program in Canada that meets on a weekly basis.
  • The group members tie flies and build rods in the winter season.
  • The Program has evolved its work into a peer support group.

Here is Ryan on a trip to Denver, Colorado, where he fished with members of the U.S. Project Healing Waters program from that city.

Salmon fishing
newfoundland group’s first salmon trip

Below is a group shot of members of the Newfoundland Project Healing Waters Canada program on an outing to a place called Pipper’s Hole, two hours north of where the group meets. This was the first trip to fish for salmon. Ryan brought along a bottle of Champagne and during lunch the group toasted their fallen brothers.

Newfoundland Project Healing Waters group toasts their fallen brothers

If you want to know more about the group and/or are interested in volunteering, you can find Ryan’s contact details here. The group also has a Facebook page.