Mission Statement




The Mission statement of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada is similar to the guiding principles established by our US parent program.

  • Project Healing Waters Canada comprises a number of individuals who are dedicated to one mission: each person strives to treat others with respect, dignity, and understanding.
  • No member is to discriminate against someone because of their race, colour, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or the gender with which a person identifies.
  • All beneficiaries of our Program deserve, and are to receive, services from Volunteers sensitive to their needs, dedicated to their success, and who are selfless in their actions.
  • It is everyone’s responsibility to support one another with passion, diligence, creativity, and good judgment.
  • Our Coordinators and Volunteers are to carry out their duties transparently and efficiently, and in a collaborative manner.
  • We treat all those who are involved with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada as members of our community.
  • Our accountability to the public, volunteers and veterans is achieved through public dissemination of the activities we plan and provide. Information is posted, either on our website, elsewhere online and on social media networks. Furthermore, where money or equipment and materials are donated, we acknowledge and publicly announce receipt of funds and gifts.  Our aim is to carefully monitor and undertake best practices in respect of financial management.
  • In addition, we operate our Program as closely in manner to a non-profit business with the goal of continuous process improvement.