Meet Richard Chalke, BC

BC resident Richard Chalke is an avid angler; some might call it passion, but we know it better as addiction.

The sport is in is blood. Richard has over 30 years of angling experience dating back to fishing the rivers of southwest England as a child. Any time he could arrange to be dropped off at the river or reservoir, Richard would leap at the opportunity. Like many of us, he was as happy to land a fish as he was to simply sit hoping all day!

BC interior

Over the years Richard has fished for many different species using many methods around the world. He emigrated to Canada from England when he was 12 years-old. His family settled in BC’s interior.

Cariboo River, BC courtesy Wikipedia

On the waters there, he discovered a passion for fly-fishing. Now Richard stalks fish with both single, and double handed, fly rods. He targets all game species that British Columbia has to offer.

His experience fishing the waters and rivers of the Interior and Lower Mainland means  Richard places high regard on ethical angling and conservation.  He believes strongly that this philosophy outweighs the ability or need to place a fish in the freezer.

However proficient Richard has become on the water, he thinks there is something to learn every time he goes out. He is an active fly tyer, and participates in several Internet fishing forums. Richard actively contributes to threads where he offers advice and shares stories of fishing adventures past and present.

Richard is married (19 years) with two wonderful children, and works with the Vancouver Police.

Working with our BC program leader, Jack Simpson, Richard is a coordinator of our activities in British Columbia.