New Program Launch, Victoria, BC


program launch in victoria, british columbia

Project Healing Waters Canada is proud to announce a new Program launch for veterans in Victoria, BC.  This event follows the recent introduction of a regional Coordinator.

The first meeting was held at Robinson’s Outdoor store in the city centre. The veterans in attendance were introduced to the art of fly tying.  the best practice for this is to see a demonstration of fly tying in action. A live screen hook-up is also a good way to view the skills needed as well as the final well-tied fly.

Fly shop manager, Matt King, and Ian Muirhead, a renowned BC fly-fishing guide, were there as well. The pair were keen that everyone enjoyed their experience. The veterans were told more about what Project Healing Waters Canada  and what it does.

Furthermore, it is clear that the recruits are more than keen to pursue this new passion. They could not wait to have a go at tying some flies themselves, and the photos show how engaged they are.

Don Smith, our newly appointed BC Provincial Coordinator, an avid fly tyer and fly fisher, was present at the event. He is very enthusiastic to see his fellow veterans’ desire to continue the fly tying adventure.

The next step for this new Program and these veterans includes learning the art of fly-casting. Once this is mastered, they go out onto the water to experience the joys of fly-fishing.

Finally, this introductory event would not have been possible without the financial support of the Royal Canadian Legion. Special mention goes to Esquimalt Dockyard Branch 172, spearheaded by Jim Stephen.

Thank you to all those involved and to the companies who donated the tools for the new fly tyers to use. We appreciate the support.

Quebec Fly Tying Marathon

The Quebec program of the Project Healing Waters Canada project is a very active group. The volunteers are always looking for new ways to help veterans. Some form of outing or get-together is always being planned.

One new idea to help veterans with fly fishing needs came to fruition recently.

Quebec Fly Tying Marathon Group
Quebec Fly Tying Marathon Group
quebec fly tying marathon saw good turnout

On Saturday March 25th this year, Quebec members held their first ever fly tying marathon which they called “Tie a fly for a Veteran”. Over twenty regular tyers came for this first event as well some of the group’s regular participants.

Quebec Fly Tying Marathon
Quebec Fly Tying Marathon Participants

As you can see from the photos taken on the day, the marathon was a success. Furthermore, a record number of flies were created and proudly displayed on the group’s supporter board.

Quebec Fly Tying Marathon
Quebec Fly Tying Marathon Board including sponsors

The members of the Quebec program are keen to extend a huge thank you to all of the sponsors who graciously donated material and equipment to make this day special for us and for the veterans.

Please be sure to visit their websites and consider supporting their businesses.

Superfly International  provided all the material for the group to use.
Partridge Hooks donated all the necessary hooks.
UNI Thread Fils Uni supplied the thread and some door prizes.

Other door prize donations came from:

Cortland Fly Line

Royal Wulff Fly Line

Loon Outdoor

Le Coin du Moucheur

Temple Fork Outfitters


Ottawa fly tying

Ottawa fly tying
Mosca Woolly Bugger


Winter in Ottawa fly tying

Ottawa fly tying sessions are going to be provided this Winter. The sessions are run by volunteers from Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada.

These sessions are going to take place on a weekly basis. The start date is Tuesday November 19th. They will probably run through the Winter with an anticipated end at some point during March 2015.

The fly tying sessions are all in the basement of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #593.  The map below indicates the location at 4026 Old Richmond Road, Nepean (Bells Corner), Ontario.

Ottawa Fly tying
Location Map

Everyone is going to meet between 09.30 a. m. and 13.30 p.m each session.

Furthermore, as the Holiday season approaches, we are going to finish on December 16th, 2014 . We are due to start the sessions again on January 6th, 2015.

Also please note that equipment and materials are provided for those who need them.

Any veterans who are interested are welcome to come along. For further information, please contact our National Program Coordinator, Andre Baril.

In addition, it is also possible to contact one of the Outing Coordinators, Marc MacIntyre or Nick Mraovic, for help or advice.

We are hoping to see you there!