Creating a Pinterest Fishing Scrapbook

A scrapbook today is very different from those created years ago. Like many kids, I kept a scrapbook for years. I put inside it all of the things that had some meaning to me: pictures of animals, postcards I received, concert tickets, newspaper clippings – you name it. I still have that scrapbook and though some of the items have come loose now, I can’t part with it all these years later.

Vintage Scrapbook example

The origins of keeping a scrapbook really come out of Europe from as early as the 15th century. By the 17th century, scrapbooks are described as ‘commonplace books’. They were used primarily by scholars, writers and readers who wrote information into the books for reference.

Commonplace books soon evolved into friendship books. A friendship book held details about friends, of places visited, pieces of art and text, perhaps even a lock of hair.

A page from the Friendship Book of Anne Wagner, England, 1803

New items included recipes, sketches, newspaper clippings, baseball cards, love letters, photographs and other memorabilia. This scrapbook version is one many of us can identify with today – at least the type we might remember as children.

Keeping a scrapbook morphed again in the 1990s. With the advent of technology and paper manufacturing processes, new methods of preserving memories were introduced. Digital cameras and smart phones meant that everyone could quickly take a photo wherever they were. Soon special tools became available, friends met to make page layouts together, and the phenomenon called scrapbooking took off worldwide.

The next evolution was the development of niche software. Where pages were once created on paper or card, now they could be completed and printed out at home. Today, most scrapbook enthusiasts use cloud-based software for ease of use and better storage.

Inevitably, with the advent of social media, it wasn’t long before someone realized keeping a visual scrapbook and being social could be integrated.

Pinterest is that 21st century scrapbook. It’s a great place to find images for interests you have.

creating a pinterest fishing scrapbook page

Inevitably those who like fishing want to use scrapbook tools to create memorable pages. Some recent examples online include these scrapbook pages. They show some eye-catching layouts for commemorating the fun and memories of a great fishing trip.

Fish-themed scrapbook page Courtesy of
Fish-themed page
Courtesy of
Example of Digital page Courtesy of Brandy Murry,


This is an example of a Scrapbook Page for fishing enthusiasts from

If you are interested in combining the idea of fishing and social media in a scrapbook-related way, Pinterest is the place for you.

Like social media, sign up free and follow the instructions to quickly and easily start creating your digital scrapbook. Once you are a member, you can name and create a variety of boards and pin items onto them. These boards are then shared with other members.

A member can upload items of their own or see a home page feed showing other items Pinterest members have pinned. If you like the images, you can re-pin them onto your boards. You can even keep boards secret so that if you’re planning a surprise, only you can see them. Businesses love using Pinterest too, and there are many using the social media application with successful results.

A few weeks ago, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada joined Pinterest. A Pinterest button is already located at the top-right hand side of the home page which, if you click on it, will take you to our boards – see the screen shot below.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Canada Pinterest Board

There’s already been some re-pinning and we have some followers. It’s going to take time to add to each Board but we’re finding it a fantastic way to remember our  Project’s fishing activities and our veterans too.